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Pronunciation: [pahn-zah-RAHT-tee]

1. This Italian dish (usually spelled panzarotti) consists of a square ravioli-style pouch of dough filled with cheese, tomato sauce and various additions such as spinach, sausage or pepperoni. Panzarotti are most often deep-fried, though they can be baked. They can be served plain or with a sauce. 2. A preparation (typically spelled panzerotti) that's similar to the first except that it's made with circles of pizza-like dough folded over a filling and sealed, creating a half-moon or crescent shape very much like a calzone. These vary in size from bite-sized to a full individual serving. The half-moon panzerotti are often dipped in egg and then fried but can also be baked. Fillings vary from cheese, to a combination of cheese and meat, to savory mixtures such as anchovies, black olives, capers, onions and tomatoes.

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